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The safest way to measure and mix products in the right quantity.   With a few simple steps it is possible to withdraw the chemical products directly from the storage tanks, automatically weigh and send them directly to their destination. The weighing process, both semiautomatic and automatic, is equipped with a self-learning system which, with use, allows the increase of  the effectiveness of the dosages. The system can be set to ensure that incompatible products are not mixed with each other.   The device can either be connected to electrical and/or pneumatic pumps.


  • Protective structure and weighing tank in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel structure for the protection of the weighing tank: limits errors due to accidental contact during the weighing process
  • Control of mixing considered dangerous
  • Self-learning for continuous improvement of weighing performance
  • Deviation valve of the drain:  allows for the carrying-out of dosing for the preparation of storage drums
  • Rotating wash device: ensures the washing of all areas of the weighing tank
  • Breakwater blade: ensures an optimal mixing
  • Anti-vortex plate: guarantees complete and constant draining
  • Maximum level security device:  prevents overflow of the weighing tank in case of a broken valve
  • Washing and drying the discharge pipe at the end of dosing: Ensures the maximum cleaning for subsequent dosing and increased safety for the operators

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